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  • 使用docker安装ceph

    使用docker安装ceph #划分子网 docker network create –driver bridge –subnet ceph-network docker network ls docker network inspect ceph-network #用于存放ceph配置 mkdir -p /myceph/etc/ceph #创建目录代表osd mkdir -p /myceph/osd/0 /myceph/osd/1 /myceph/osd/2 # monitor node docker run -itd –name monnode –network ceph-network –ip -e MON_NAME=monnode -e MON_IP= -v /myceph/etc/ceph:/etc/ceph ceph/mon # docker exec monnode ceph osd create docker exec…

  • 结合vmstat分析iostat输出结果

    man vmstat FIELD DESCRIPTION FOR VM MODE Procs r: The number of processes waiting for run time. r 表示运行队列 (就是说多少个进程真的分配到CPU). 当这个值超过了CPU数目, 就会出现CPU瓶颈. b: The number of processes in uninterruptible sleep. Memory swpd: the amount of virtual memory used. free: the amount of idle memory. buff: the amount of memory used as buffers. cache: the amount…

  • 使用iostat分析问题

    文章来源: How I Use Iostat and Vmstat for Performance Analysis 考虑到svctm在iostat是不保证准确的. 分析io await相关问题需要和blktrace结合起来分析. 1. Is the I/O heavy? Check the sum of w/s and r/s. The larger, the heavier I/O. Also check %util, the more, the heavier. If it is close to 100, then the I/O is definitely significant. It should be noted that during…

  • 使用minio做对象存储

    minio s3 docker

  • what is the difference getContentMd5() and getETag() of aws s3 PutObjectResult

    An MD5 hash consists of 16 bytes, but they are not all printable characters. The ETag is the md5 hash, hex-encoded (not base64, as the question suggests) — hex encoding uses 32 characters to encode 16 bytes. Meanwhile, Content-MD5 is the md5 hash, base64 encoded, which uses 24 characters to encode 16 bytes. 答案来源-stackoverflow