git merge,rebase,reset

老分不清怎么用git merge 与 rebase 区别.
撤回的时候使用git reset 又忘了具体参数.

git log


commit 2ec3438b5c53932e928ec4284c5121acb86f2abb (HEAD -> mdfs-ng, origin/mdfs-ng)
Author: #小辉辉 <>
Date:   Tue Apr 17 17:30:22 2018 +0800

    clear : del unused code

git log –pretty=oneline

只显示commit id和提交的描述信息

2ec3438b5c53932e928ec4284c5121acb86f2abb (HEAD -> mdfs-ng, origin/mdfs-ng) clear : del unused code
8a78c5779328d2e48826b9203a50d596d508392f update : clear code by sonar

git reflog


2a84922 HEAD@{158}: checkout: moving from hui-comment to devel
0d0b108 (master, hui-comment) HEAD@{159}: checkout: moving from master to hui-comment


HEAD 提交的最新版本
HEAD^ 上一个版本
HEAD^^ 上上个版本
HEAD~100 往上100个版本
HEAD@{index} 提交索引

git reset

git reset --hard HEAD@{2}

git commit –amend


git rebase


  1. 合并1~3条提交
    git rebase -i HEAD~3
    pick dc44d6b 根据sonar修改FixedLenChunkFingerIndexDB
    pick 8a78c57 update : clear code by sonar
    pick 2ec3438 clear : del unused code
    pick dc44d6b 根据sonar修改FixedLenChunkFingerIndexDB
    s 8a78c57 update : clear code by sonar
    s 2ec3438 clear : del unused code
  2. 指名要合并的版本之前的版本号
    git rebase -i 0d0b108
  3. 遇到冲突需要使用
    git add .  
    git rebase --continue  
  4. 取消
    git rebase --abort

Merging vs. Rebasing

The first thing to understand about git rebase is that it solves the same problem as git merge.

The Merge Option

git checkout feature
git merge master
#Or, you can condense this to a one-liner:
git merge master feature

The Rebase Option

git checkout feature
git rebase master



7. 用rebase合并
Merging vs. Rebasing

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